Maryland Medical Malpractice And Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White and its attorneys are widely recognized throughout the Maryland, Washington D.C. and surrounding regions for the significant verdicts and settlements that we regularly obtain on behalf of our clients who have been victimized by medical malpractice or who have suffered catastrophic personal injury and/or wrongful death as the result of the negligence of another person or entity. Led by seasoned trial attorneys Andrew G. Slutkin and Jamison G. White, our Catastrophic Injury / Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death team personally investigates a select number of cases each year thereby ensuring that each case receives our undivided attention and careful scrutiny. In addition to the in-house team of lawyers devoted exclusively to Catastrophic Injury / Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death death cases, Silverman Thompson Slutkin and White is one of the few firms in the region to also employ an in-house nurse and physician, who utilize their considerable medical expertise to help focus our lawyers on medical issues involved in each case investigation. As a result of the careful and multi-specialty approach that our team is able to direct toward the investigation each potential case, Mr. Slutkin and Mr. White annually obtain multi-million dollar settlements and/or verdicts in both state and federal courts throughout the region.

Based in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area, Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White is one of the region's leading law firms when it comes to investigating and prosecuting medical negligence that results in catastrophic injury or wrongful death. When a doctor's or hospital's mistake causes irreversible injury, our team of lawyers, nurses and doctors are committed to finding the truth and ensuring that our clients receive the compensation that they deserve. Cases in which it is alleged that a doctor or hospital committed medical malpractice resulting in a catastrophic injury are among the most complex and vigorously defended type of litigation. The simple reason? Because in many instances, millions of dollars are at stake, monies that are often desperately needed to provide medical care and treatment to an injured person for the rest of his / her life. The end result is that in nearly every one of these cases, the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and the law firms that they retain tap into a virtually endless supply of resources to defend these cases and prevent our injured clients or their grieving surviving family members from ever receiving a penny of compensation for their losses. In fact, when prosecuting these cases, our lawyers routinely face-off against a bevy of experienced defense lawyers and an army of retained medical experts from around the country who will drop everything to defend their fellow health care providers in these lawsuits. Although the cost to defend these types of lawsuits can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the doctor/hospital's insurance companies are more than willing to pay these costs to avoid an unfavorable verdict against their insured. Another common tactic that our lawyers often witness is when insurance companies approach unsuspecting people and grieving family members who have either experienced a catastrophic injury themselves or suffered the unexpected loss of a relative and try to convince them that a low settlement is fair and just compensation for the horrible losses that they have suffered. Because the Maryland and Washington D.C. region is among this country's most populous in terms of practicing health care providers and number of leading hospitals, these tactics are common and must be countered by a team of lawyers with the litigation expertise and determination to ensure that you and your loved receive the compensation you deserve.

At Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White, our Catastrophic Injury / Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death team handles an extensive range of cases that include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

The Baltimore and Washington D.C. region includes some of the most powerful, largest and prominent hospitals in the country. Our in-house team of lawyers regularly challenges the actions of these hospitals' health care providers and routinely receives multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements against them. These hospitals include: The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, University of Maryland Center, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Harbor Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital, Maryland General Hospital, Northwest Hospital, Howard County General Hospital, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), Medstar Franklini Square Hospital, Medstar Union Memorial Hospital, Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital, Medstar Montgomery Medical Center, Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Frederick Memorial Hospital and Shady Grove Adventist Hospital.

We take this opportunity to remind you that time is critical for those wishing to file a lawsuit. Evidence, witnesses and records could be lost if they are not preserved. The law also has strict deadlines for filing a lawsuit and if you do not file a lawsuit within those deadlines, your ability to bring a lawsuit maybe forever precluded. Medical mistakes, or simply negligence on the part of someone else, resulting in catastrophic injury or death more often than not saddles our clients with a lifetime of significant future medical care, medical expenses, lost wages and lost healthcare benefits, the total of which can run into the millions of dollars. Putting experienced lawyers in your corner that can successfully pursue a claim on your behalf can secure the funds that you or a loved one need to preserve the highest quality of life and avoid the uncertainty of life without the ability to care for oneself. It is our hope that this site, dedicated to helping you learn more about Catastrophic Injury / Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death, will enable you to make informed decisions on whether a medical mistake is the cause of injuries that have significantly impacted your day-to-day life. If you believe so, call our team for a free consultation.