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Truck Collision

Article posted on: 12/17/2007

The parents of two girls who were killed after a concrete truck struck their family's car will receive $9 million as part of a settlement with the trucking company. The parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping claiming that the driver was negligent in the crash. State Highway Patrol records show that the driver was traveling at an unsafe speed before the incident. It was unclear whether the driver was on his cellular telephone immediately prior to the accident.

Baltimore is a heavily industrialized city and as such there is an abundance of commercial trucks sharing the road with cars, pedestrians and motorcycles. There are many hazards associated with trucks sharing the road including their larger size, need for increased turning space, speed and blind spots and this leads to an increased number of truck accidents in Baltimore. In addition, with the explosion of cellular telephones, texting devices and other wireless communication devices, the opportunity for truck drivers to be distracted has increased exponentially.

Truck drivers are persons employed as the operator of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). CMVs can be of varying shapes and sizes, everything from 10,000 pound pickup trucks hauling small quantities of freight and all the way up to 80,000 lb, 60 ft long 18-wheelers.

Truck drivers of large commercial vehicles can spend many hours a day driving, and more engaged in various duties such as fueling, filling out paperwork, as well as vehicle repairs and inspections. Overworking due to fatigue can add to the danger posed on the streets of Baltimore because research shows that fatigue increases the risk of accidents and decreases efficiency and productivity. Truck drivers account for the highest total number of all work-related deaths, and are five times more likely to die on the job than the average worker.

The driver responsible for your injuries is almost always represented by attorneys on behalf of their insurance company or in the case of commercial trucks in Baltimore; they often have representation from a team of lawyers and investigators employed by their company. Our Baltimore based truck accident lawyers are very familiar with the law regarding these matters and our team will work to develop, negotiate and even go to trial on our client's behalf.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident involving a truck in Baltimore?

First and foremost; call for emergency police assistance and medical assistance if there are injuries. If you are not sure whether or not you are injured...seek medical attention anyway to be certain there are not any unseen injuries. Contact a qualified truck accident lawyer right away. With the advent of mobile technology including cellular telephones with cameras installed on them, any motorist involved in a motor vehicle accident with a truck should take every opportunity to photograph the accident scene, the truck, the area of impact, your vehicle, any skid marks, the inside of both vehicles, the license plates, registrations of the drivers involved, etc. This information may ultimately prove to be the key to your case down the road.

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