Failure to Diagnose Spinal Abscess Leads to Jury Verdict

As was reported recently in the New York times, a paralyzed father of three recently was awarded 19.2 million dollars in a negligence suit against Montefiore Medical Center in New York for its doctors' failure to timely treat a spinal abscess that led to permanent paralysis. Wilfredo Figueroa, 58, presented to the Montefiore Medical Center on September 22, 2004 with a chief complaint of severe back pain. Despite this complaint, plaintiff alleged that health care providers failed to order and take a diagnostic MRI or CT scan until nearly 2 weeks after his admission, and well after irreversible damage had already been done. As a result of this negligence, plaintiff alleged that Mr. Figueroa suffered paralysis from the chest down and will incur a lifetime of medical expenses, pain, suffering and emotional distress. 

Spinal cord abscesses are a rare condition caused when inured tissue becomes infected.  White blood cells rush to the area of infection to help fight off the infection and begin to fill up the damaged tissue, causing pus to build up.   Risk factors for the development of a spinal cord abscess include long term use of blood thinners, a weak immune system such as can be found in older or sick individuals, Crohn's disease or a ruptured gallbladder.   Some of the more common symptoms associated with spinal cord abscesses include a sudden onset of pain, sharp radiating pain into the extremities, sudden and progressive weakness, numbness / tingling of the skin or a fever.  Physicians who suspect spinal abscess should order numerous tests to confirm the same, including but not  limited to a complete blood count (CBC), and erythrocyte  sedimentation rate (ESR), a CT scan of the spinal cord, an MRI of the spinal cord or a lumbar puncture to remove a sample of the cerebrospinal fluid and test for infection. 

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