Birth Injury Resulting In Cerebral Palsy

At STSW, our Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death group is led by trial-tested attorneys Andrew G. Slutkin and Jamison G. White. For the past four decades, our attorneys have regularly obtained million dollar plus verdicts and settlements for babies/infants who have experienced birth injuries resulting in cerebral palsy. If your baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or other brain injury around the time of his/her birth, call our team for a free consultation at 410-385-2225.

Cerebral palsy is a medical condition resulting from a permanent brain injury that can occur before, during or after the birth of a child. Cerebral palsy is characterized by a lack of muscle control and/or movement. Additional symptoms may include seizures, speech problems, unsteady gait, spasms, hearing loss, visual field loss, cognitive deficits, learning disorders and hyperactivity. Sometimes the symptoms of cerebral palsy are experienced on only one side of the body. In other instances, the symptoms affect the arms and legs equally or disparately. There is no known cure presently. Parents of a child who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, especially a severe form, face a lifetime of significant emotional, psychological and economic obstacles in an effort to provide the best possible care to the child.

Although the precise cause of cerebral palsy is not known, strong evidence exists that links it to such factors as the health history of the mother (i.e., untreated infections during pregnancy), the pre–natal health history of the child and/or acts of medical malpractice and negligence occurring in and around the birth of the child that result in brain damage. Of paramount importance during any pregnancy, and especially during labor and delivery, is that the physician ensures that the baby is getting enough oxygen. In some instances, birth injuries result from complications during the labor and/or delivery of the baby, complications which cause oxygen deprivation due to the squeezing or twisting of the umbilical cord. In other situations, birth injuries can occur when the baby is too big for a normal vaginal delivery and gets "stuck" in the birth canal for a prolonged period, thereby suffering a loss of oxygen because the umbilical cord is compressed or twisted. In still other circumstances, the actual process of labor may last too long, causing health problems for the baby. Finally, a birth injury can also result when a baby gets into an improper position during childbirth (such as a breach position), a circumstance that may require a doctor to order an emergent c–section or face the possibility of a brain injury to the baby.

Those afflicted with cerebral palsy face a host of medical, educational and social challenges. If there is a possibility that your child has been injured before, during or shortly after birth, it is important to contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights. As experienced Baltimore, Maryland medical malpractice attorneys, we have successfully tried and settled numerous cases birth injury cases resulting in cerebral palsy. In many instances, these cases have resulted in multi–million dollar verdicts and/or settlements. We believe that in most circumstances, these birth injuries can be avoided with proper and timely medical care. At our firm, we not only have the experience to successfully resolve these cases, but also the necessary resources to retain the best medical experts to assist us in the preparation of your case.

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